Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nano Project - The Destroyer


          Today I decided I was going to join in on the Nano Project for this month. It seemed like a pretty cool challenge. I'm kind of stuck on my other projects anyway, so why not. I just came up with an idea for a new book called The Destroyer. I am really excited about it.

          I think my pitch could use some TLC but it gets the basic idea down.

Here's my Pitch for The Destroyer....

21 years in the Future the world we know will come to an end.

On September 8th, 1991, a baby was born in Salem, Massachusetts. Little did her parents know that their only child would one day be the end of it all. The girl's parents decided to name their newborn daughter, Nykole which means people of victory. A child of victory she would one day become. On her 21st birthday, a new power will be awoken. The Old World will end that very same day. The Age of the Destroyer is very near.

That's all the New news for today.

Love Britt