Tuesday, November 09, 2010

D is for Destroyer


       I think my Nano project is going to have to come to a halt. It's making me super stressed and stress is something I don't exactly need right now. I just need some time to think about the story and what it is going to be about. I also want to finish The Light Chronicles. So I can feel like I've accomplished something amazing. It is one thing to write stories while it is a entirely new feeling if you finish that story. I've always dreamed of finishing a book.

      Today, I was rushed over to Joyce's house. The elderly woman my best friends mom takes care of on the weekdays. The old woman's foot was sore and I mean sore, so sore she couldn't stand on it or put any of her weight on it. I helped my bff's mom carry her weight by supporting her one arm and helping her do things around the house. Like talking to Virginia or Joyce or doing small things like making them something to eat. I enjoy pleasing people. It makes me feel good and the person is usually happy.

      Tonight we had a special birthday dinner for my best friends dad. Her mom made him his favorite dinner( tuna casserole) and then we had his favorite dessert (German Chocolate Cake). We had a lot of fun laughing and sharing memories with each other. Talking about this sort of thing always makes me very happy. They showed us pictures from their weekend trip up to Atlanta, GA and Stone Mountain. It was awesome.

Well that's all for now.

Love Britt