Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday is a glorious day...


            Wow, I'm really keeping up with my blog lately. Then again a lot is going on in my life.

             Let's see today is my best friends dad's birthday. I made him a fish card last night for his birthday and I can't wait to give it to him today. My friends parents are going up to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend for his b-day. They will be coming back to Florida on Monday, most likely much later that night. We will have the whole house to ourselves.

           Mandy and I have a whole bunch of things going on this weekend. Today, I was supposed to be going over to Joyce's house to take care of her but some things have changed. So today I will not being going over to help out with Joyce.. Normally my friends mom, Sue is her caretaker but she is going away. So now it is my job. Tonight my bff and I are making dirty rice for dinner, yummy. I love dirty rice. On Saturday, we have to make a dessert dish for the Fall Festival. We decided to make Gingerbread. which is very fall oriented in my own opinion. On Sunday, we have church in the morning, I have scrooge crew preparations right after church, and later that night my bff has scrooge practice. My best friend and I are kind of stumped right now because we do not have a way to get around on Sunday. Also on Sunday, The Mummy Return's will be on at 8pm and we both want to watch it. On Monday, I am going over to Joyce's house to care for her the whole day, that's from 7am to 4pm or 5pm. It all depends on the situation and other things like that.We will be making dinner again for Monday but I'm not sure what we are making.

         Plus this whole weekend, Mandy and I both have our own set projects. I have the Nano Project - The Destroyer, which I really need to get kicking on. I should be working on both The Destroyer and The Light Chronicles but I'm not sure where to take TLC, yet.  She has a amv, some sort of video that requires affects. She is very good at them.

         Well that is all that is going on in my mind for this weekend...I'm sure more stuff will come later.

Happy Birthday Glenn

Love Britt

P.S. Let's make Blueberry Muffins Saturday Morning