Friday, April 22, 2016

My Favorite Disney Movies...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I am a huge Disney fan. I love all things Disney. Disney movies happen to be some of my most cherished memories from my childhood. 

- Favorite Disney Movies -

1. Tinkerbell
2. The Lion King
3. Inside Out
4. Big Hero Six
5. Brave
6. Tangled
7. Up
8. The Little Mermaid
9. Hocus Pocus
10. Kiki's Delivery Service
11. Spirited Away
12. Sleeping Beauty

So those are some of my most favorite Disney movies. I love Disney movies. I am really looking forward to sharing all my favorite Disney movies with my daughter, Violet. I'll probably start her out young. I have a lot of things planned for my daughter. I hope I get to do them all with her. I can't wait for all the firsts we will be sharing as a family.