Saturday, July 03, 2010

Three more Days unitl I'm off in Florida....Somewhere

Bonjour Les Amies

I almost wish I knew how to say Good Morning in French.

Anyway Shane slept over again last night. We were all supposed to go to my dad's house but that never happened. Now we are going today to my Dad's house(whenever that is) and maybe I'll get lucky and my cousin Bella will also show up at my dad's house. I haven't seen my cousin Bella in a long time. So it would be nice to see her. 

I need to start hanging out with all of my friends more. We never see enough of each other. haha. 

Let's see I have three more days until I'm in sunny Florida. Jealous yet? I love Florida. It is so nice and warm and sometimes the sun isn't that bad so you can go outside and enjoy the day before it gets too hot. Haha. I love Florida. I am making this trip to Fl to see my friend and her family. I have known this family for almost 11 years. It's like a have another family on top of the one I already have. We are all very close. My friend's parents think of me as their second daughter. I find that amusing.

Yesterday I was at the pool. Tanning. I love the sun and tanning.
My guy friend passed in his car with his Dad. 
He told me he did a double take and asked his dad if that was Britt.
His dad told him yes and then he laughed.
Apparently...I Look Good.

Well I am way behind on my swap promises. I got many to do and many to make sure have been done. I owe a lot of people swaps. I'm glad I keep track of them or I would forget.

My first review will come soon
Until then...

Love Britt


Noelle said...

So jealous that you're probably in Florida right now tanning in the amazing sunlight! :-)

Uggg, keeping track of swaps is such a chore! And don't feel bad about being behind, I am in the same boat.

Saw that you want to live in Salem, MA one day! I live in Massachusetts about 45 minutes away from Salem. What is it about Salem that makes you love it so much? Just curious!

Following you! You're blog is awesome! Hope you'll consider following my blog!