Friday, July 23, 2010

Metrocon Here We come...!!!

Hello Folks,

Today Amanda and I are traveling up to Tampa, Florida (near Clearwater Fl) for Metro-con. Metro-con is the largest anime convention in Florida and we get to attend it. It is going to be a blast. We finally got everything for our costumes and are ready to rumble. I'm going as Flora from the Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. Amanda is going as another character that I do not know much about.

In other news, I rode Champ twice now. He's such a good horse. Mandy's mom told me it was weird because Champ wasn't testing me like all the other people who have jumped onto his back. I think riding is amazing. Plus who knows maybe before the time to leave I will have gotten to full speed on him. That would be amazing. I have never ridden this much but I plan to take advantage of it.

Other things that are going on in my life. We went to Youth Group on Wednesday. It wasn't bad. I mean the sermon kind of sucked because no one could share their opinion and don't even get me started on the lead singers vocal cords but everyone else in the band sounded great. I mean they could of just played and we all would have been fine but its not something I get choose or change. Plus I kind of like the one guy in the band. He's the only person with enough guts to come up to me the whole time. It may be because I am new and I'm considered fresh meat but I don't care. He's got guts and I like that.

Church on Sunday's is pretty much the same as any old church. I like it and enjoy it. I don't know any of the songs but that's all right. Haha, I sing along anyway.

Yesterday, Aaron's tire on the truck blew out. It was so exciting being stuck in the heat for a while.

Love Britt