Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hey Guys, 

So today, my little sis and I took our dog out for a walk. On the way back into the house, our cat, Skittles decided he wanted to come inside but the neighbors car spooked him. So the dumb cat ran to back of the house, to our sliding glass door. My sis ran to let him in, when Nimue saw him she decided she wanted to chase him. She bolted outside. She started to chase our cat but gave up to run around our community instead. She just happened to come across our neighbors little orange Pomeranian who just happened to look like our cat who is also orange. The women started to freak out and then started to scream for her husband who started swearing like a sailor and acting like a crazy person. It was scary honestly, when I got my dog in my car. He saw me trying to take her in and was like is that your dog. I was like I don't live here anymore. She got out chasing our cat. And he's like shouting at me. He looked like he wanted to hit me. There was no way I was going to walk over there and let him try. I would of flipped and he would of gotten in some terrible trouble. He was being stupid. I mean, honestly, he took his little dog on a jog. For every giant step he takes, the dog has to take so many more. Imagine running with it, a few days later, their dog had a cast on its leg. I bet he hurt it. I see that as animal abuse. So yeah, they were threatening Nimue. She didn't bite them, she bit their little dog. they claim their dog was bleeding but the dog looked fine to me, just limping a little. They were stupid, didn't think to pick their dog up. I mean, if you see a larger dog running towards you, why would you stand there like a dummy. The wife said they planned on   calling the police and taking the dog to the vet. That we had to pay vet bills but it must not of been serious, cause we weren't contacted. They didn't get our information. They waited twenty-four hours or more. When Nim gets out. She thinks its like a game. She thinks that our call to her is us playing with her. How do you control that? I've tried everything in the books, nothing works with her. I'm sorry but not everyone is so talented as some dog trainers. I guess we are just terrible people for not having better control over her. 
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