Saturday, October 01, 2011

Love Comes to Those Who Wait...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I always thought that I had to pushed myself out into the world and dating. But a wise man once told me, You need to stop thinking every guy your with is the one. You need to stop trying to find love, let it find you. I never knew anyone could give advice like that. Instead of people saying, try not to think about it or try to move on. The heart does not work like that. And sometimes I wish people would stop saying things like the examples above. My heart needs time to heal from a broken heart. And it will take time. I know that. Sometimes waiting for it to heal and knowing when your ready to date again is hard. But my wise man told me that I would know when I'm ready. So I think I will heed his advice. He's a bright young man and I'm glad that I can confide in him. So for today that's all I want to talk about. I don't really have anything else to say about the matter.

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Gigi said...

Yeah. I agree. If it happens, it happens, you know.
By the way, where's the option to follow your blog?

Beauty Ink said...

hey gigi, i agree. also it should be on my home page of my blog. haha. let me know if you still cant find it