Friday, June 11, 2010


Bonjour Les Amies

If you don't know Francois(French) then you probably don't know what the above words mean. It says Hello Friends. I took French this year in High school. I love french. 

Shhh...I'm a bad student today. Not going on my last day. Haha. Take that School Broad. Today my family and I go on vacation to Hilton Head Islands in South Carolina. I'm so excited. It has a tennis court and I'm going to play until my legs are made into JELLO.  J'aime jouer au tennis. I love to play tennis is what my french words say next door. I am actually using the french I learned. This is so exciting. 

Today we have a thirteen hour drive ahead of us, I'm so excited. I should look up how to say that in french. I probably know it just don't remember it. 

My poor puppy Nimue is being sent to the pound or kennel today for a week while we are away. I don't know how well she will take to it but I hope she doesn't call any problems. 

Well that's all for now folks
Love Britt