Wednesday, June 09, 2010

One and a half days of school left...Yay!

 Hello and Welcome

   Today June 9th is the start of finals. A very annoying test that we take for our important classes such as English, Math, Science and World Cultures. Last night I studied only for English and that's not saying a lot. I'm just not in the mood to study. I go on vacation in two days. So it's like why does it matter. I'll try my best but that's all they'll get from me. Did I mention that I'm probably going to fail? Well hey what can you do!

I really want school to be over. No I want to get next year over with as well. 

Well to put everyone on a better note. This is my first post since May 2010. That's sad really I didn't have much time. Other than that I came up with an idea for another book. I haven't figured out all the pieces yet. I have all summer to do that. Which reminds me I need to do a little reserach on some summer reading books. Ugh. We have three choices and none of them sound interesting but I have to pick at least one of them. Wish there was a longer list. 

Well that's all the good news today. Maybe I'll post again tonight about finals. 
Oh which reminds me I took my Biology 2 final yesterday which I studied hours for and I still didn't know stuff. Oh well.

Love Britt