Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wishes On High

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Blog

Today I woke up and thought "Oh No! I'm late for school." Then I remembered that I had off school today. Which is very exciting knowing that we only have a couple more weeks before school is over and all the fun begins.

Anyway I have a meeting with the  Animal Clinic today. I am going to talk to the supervisor there about my co-op options for my senior year of High School. I am so excited about it because I love animals and I want to be a vet someday. So this experience will help me in the future. Then I also have to call another animal clinic to talk to them about my co-op options and see which one I would want to do. Then I will tell my co-op adviser about it and let her know what I choose to do.

Next Year I will be a senior. I cannot wait to finish school and make that move to Alva, Florida with my dog Nimue. I've been looking forward to the trip since I was in middle school. 

Update of the Day 05/18/10: Lets see nothing new is going on. I have told everyone that I am working on fixing Nimue's issues. I plan on doing a lot of things. I just hope I can do them all within my time frame. Other than my scince project that I have not started yet, that is all I have to do. Oh, I almost forgot. Start looking for Chapter 4 on Inkpop.com. It will probably be posted tonight.

Love Brittney