Friday, May 21, 2010

My Little Sister has Finally Taken Over my Life

Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

Last night My sister Shannon and I got in a huge fight. I don't remember what it was about but it had to do with her stealing my stuff again and then never putting it back where it belongs. I just wish she understood why it bugs me so much. I know I'm supposed to throw examples at her but all I do is the bad sister deal. That's how I am I guess that makes me a bad sister.

Anyway My favorite author, Weezie Mackey, joined Inkpop. I'm so very excited because her life is so heck it
and shes so busy with her life. Which I understand she has two little boys that she has to take care of and then she has two books she is working on.

Ugh. I'm so ready for June 11, 2011. The day school ends and summer begins. 

I didn't get any of my goals accomplished this week. I didn't type up chapter four and didn't finish chapter five. Life is so fulfilling. All this homework and other stuff I do makes my day go by so fast and it's too fast.

Well that's it for today
Love Brittney L.