Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A little World we All Call Home

Good Morning to the World

I am oddly in a very good mood. Which is werid considering I have two tests and a quiz today. Haha. Along with that I have a project I have to give on Friday. I still need to add pictures and the rest of the power point to it. 

My Goals this week are as listed...
  1. I will complete the second Book in the Night World Series Book 2.
  2. I will finish Chapter five by this weekend. 
  3. I will write my first review(maybe) not quite sure yet.
  4. I will do all my swaps on Inkpop.com
Well those are my goals. I'll let everyone know if they happen or not. I am so excited. I like to make lists. It makes me feel sophisticated.Talk to you all tonight. I have to get on to finish my ppt. 

Love Britt