Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello to Blogger Centre

Hello and Welcome to My Blog,

I am new to the site so please be patience with me as I learn all the exciting things about it. 
My name is Brittney and I am a member of 
If you have a interest in writing then please check it out. I am not very good at blogging so please bare with me.
Anyway I am here to talk about new things, old things, and anything in between.
I love to write and might post up some info about what I am currently working on as of as soon as I can.
Please don't be shy, feel free to ask me questions or become my friend. I am always looking for new friendship.

Inkpop News

Update 05/16/10

Check out my page on Inkpop. 
To Find me Look up my Book Forbidden Ties.
As always feel free to explore the site, its full of fun things.

Other News:

I am currently working on my Book Forbidden Ties. It is in the process as many would say, I am working on Chapter Five.

Forbidden Ties:

Info: A paranormal tale of adventure. When a ghost girl turns up in Luke's kitchen, he questions his sanity even thought he knows about his gift. She tells him that she needs his help so she can pass over into the light.  The adventure moves on as Morgan has moments that are completely remembered except for the night that she died. Nothing could stop this duo except for maybe the shadows who don't want Morgan to go anywhere near the light.

Main Characters: Morgan Ann Livingstone and Luke Banner