Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ugh...I'm Bored

 Good Morning and Hello

I woke up and I'm ready for the day to be over all ready. Had three tests in school yesterday. I'm pretty much in the I don't care mood anymore. I just want school to be over all ready. Want to get my senior graduation project started and complete it before I go completely insane. I also need to start locating schools (colleges that I want to go to) in PA and everywhere. I might fill out applications for schools all over the place just to see where I would get accepted. I'll have to make a list. First I have to take the SATs or ACTs or both. It depends. Probably end of taking both.

Every time I move my head my bangs get in the way. It is very annoying. I love my long hair. It's very nice and surprisingly I can do a lot with it if you know what I mean. 

School is driving me crazy. Two more weeks and I'm finally done. Yay!
I love school but I need to turn in the money for my Vet thing I want to do this summer. Which probably won't happen. I need to get in sent in by next Friday. June 4th or 5th I think. I relly want to go. Then I come back from that and I go to Alva Florida. Yay! I'm so excited. 

On I have been slacking off and I haven't written anymore of Chapter five and I haven't completed the five swaps I need to do. Ugh. I never have time anymore. Haha.

Well I think that is it.

Love Britt <3