Monday, May 17, 2010

World Abomination

The Day the World Crashed Down On Me

Today I was hit with an odd sensation. I realized that my dog Nimue pronounced Nim-way. Is not yet potty trained and that I have been a horrible dog owner. My dog is a yellow lab and pittbull mix. My family adopted her when she was three months old and the family had told us "The pups have never been outside before." Does anyone see something wrong with that picture. Also upon getting Nimue, she was not potty trained and she was never taught any manners. At first I didn't realize the mistake we as a family had made. All I cared about was getting a new dog into my family.

Now I realize that was a huge mistake. My family and I never realized that getting a new dog would be such a hard process. Nimue is not potty trained. She will eliminate on the floor when we are not home. To fix this problem we want to get a crate to put her in during the day, She chews anything she can get her paws on including paper towels, toilet paper, newspaper, cardboard and cardboard boxes, dolls, stuffed animals, things from out of the sink, like left spoons, gets into the trash, anything basically. So now I have come up with a new and improved plan.

Nimue has to learn all the things all over again. This means that she will have to learn to pooh outside and many new things, like the commands she not too great on, like come, lay down, walk on the leash, and many more.
I have been getting a lot of helpful advice from They have a whole bunch of articles to read that allows a person to understand her own dog much better. I have also been chatting on another website for dog lovers and asking lots of questions.

They told me I need to take Nimue to a dog trainer. She needs obedience classes.
This means no more Miss Nice Dog Owner or Push Over. I will stand my ground and use my own body when she tries to run after things, like small animals. I also need to get a crate. Plus I need to work on her training and her socializing with other people and canines. It would be really good for her and for me. I might ask my friend if she wouldn't mind if we used her dog in the training process. The two dogs are close in age and about the same size, so Nimue hopefully won't be frightened by Roxy.