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Writing On Wednesday's - Star Gazing...!!!

Hey Y'all,

Today I'm sharing something that I wrote a few days ago. I think I this one really holds a special place in my heart. The reason I think this one is so important is because its about a drawing a did a few years ago. If any of you are interested in viewing this drawing, you can find it on my deviantArt page.

Here it goes.

Writing On Wednesday's - Star Gazing.

The world is such a small place compared to the stars. The stars are the eyes that watch over us aas we sleep at night. The stars are our loved ones returning home for the night. The stars our the key to our survival in this world.

If you look up at the stars at night, what do you see? The world becoming small in their wake. The stars are ever changing, dieing and being born anew. The world whispers in their quake. The stars are what guides us home.

Mother Nature wreaks havoc on the world and those that exist within her womb. She supplies us with almost everything we need. The children, her children, God's children, take her gifts for granted. This is what causes the world to decay.

"Look at all of them," Nicole exhaled staring wide eyed at the sky. She was star gazing with her long term boyfriend, Tyler. He entwined her fingers with his, forming a close net of heat to rise under her cheeks. She could feel the blush take over her face.

She smiled.

"The world is so quiet. It's beautiful." she sighed, staring at him out of the corner of her sapphire eyes.

He nodded in response.

"Not as beautiful as you are right now under their light." he grinned that boyish smile that always seemed to catch her breath.

So this little writing is kind of a tribute to my boyfriend and I. The drawing I mentioned above was a personification of us. This writing is one too because I used our middle names for the main characters names in this little story. I hope you all enjoy.
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