Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday...!!!

Hey Y'all,

Halloween is fast approaching and I have no idea what to write about this week for this Tuesday. Trick or Treat is actually in two days and I can't find my cat ears.  I thought about writing a favorite make up list but I don't use a lot of make up. I was also thinking of doing a favorite veggie  and fruit list but I think I might save that one for another day.I think the one I have in store for you is much more appropriate.

Here we go...

1. Milk Chocolate Hershey Bar - I love chocolate like way too much and these bars are so bad for you but every once in a while I want one.

2. Almond Milk Chocolate Hershey Bar - I love almonds and these are just as good as the originals.

3. Cookies and Cream Bar - I love white chocolate...nuf said.

4. Kit Kat Bar - These are great because there are four of them and I feel really good about only eating one and saving the others for later. The white chocolate ones are even better.

5. Lemon Heads - I love lemon heads. They taste like lemon and are great to suck on.

6. Lindor Truffles - These things are like heaven in your mouth. I love them so much.

7. Banana Laffy Taffy - I hate banana's but this taffy is to die for.

8. Sweat tarts - I just love sweat tarts. They bring back good childhood memerios.

9. Jolly Ranchers - what person doesn't love these. Blue Raspberry is my favorite.

10. Lolly Pops - These are just for the good childhood memories.

So sorry this was so late but I meant to post this earlier. This was a fun little Halloween treat for you all. I hope you all enjoy this post for Tuesday top things.

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