Monday, October 20, 2014

Body Image...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I have been struggling with my body and my body image for a very long time now. Now I won't do anything rash like making myself throw up or not allowing myself to eat. I rather enjoy eating and I would never do that to myself.  I do diet but honestly I'm trying to get better, not really go on some miracle diet that I know most likely won't work.  I try to get past that every single day. I fight it but sometimes it never seems to go away like I would want it to. I try to push it aside. I try so very hard. I honestly don't always see the good of my body.

I push myself to workout but I give up too easily. I know my body isn't perfect. I know my body could be better. I know that right now there is a lot that has caused it to go down this way. I know that I will get better. I think I just need to try harder to push myself. I need to find it inside myself to accept the body god gave me. I hope one day I can fully do that.

I honestly think one day I can do that. I know I will. My boyfriend loves me and he will help me become a better person. A better me. That is everything that keeps me going. He loves me and that's all I need.
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