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My Biggest Pet Peeves...!!!

Hey Readers,

So when I think of the word "hate", I think of what I hate most in life. Honestly, there is not that many things that could truly make me hate something or someone. But there are a few things that truly make my reels turn in my head. A few things that make me hate people could be a short list or a long list. I plan on going with the short list. So to get this started, lets go with what I believe I hate most. So first up is people not using a turn single when taking a turn. This is probably one of the simplest rules to follow in the book. You use a turn single when turning. How hard is that to remember people? Now I will share a secret with you, I have forgotten to use my turn single but I didn't do it on purpose. It was a pure accident. I have seen people just not use their turn single. It makes me mad at these people.  I just want to scream at them for being stupid. The second thing that bugs me most is when people come into my line at my job and don't use a divider to separate their groceries from others peoples orders. Then they get mad when you accidentally ring up another person order with their own because you didn't have any indication that the orders were separate.This kind of torture really makes my day. I mean seriously people what are you thinking. Those dividers were made for a reason. They are made to make everyone's life easier. So to make matters short life is a bunch of riddles that we can't solve in a day. I can't figure out how why people don't use a turn single or don't divide their groceries. I can tell you however, that we are humans. Humans tend to make mistakes, its undoubtedly human. So that's all I have for my little rave on the word hate. Haha. That was actaully kind of fun. If I think of anything else that I really hate. I'll do another blog post. 


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Hey Y'all.

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Hey Y'all, 
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