Friday, January 13, 2012

Secrets from the Best Friend...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I live in a world where morals are quick to be forgotten. And yes, I guess you would say that in this world, our simple but complex world that morals can and will be forgotten and broken. It's a part of the world that people just have to except and live with. I have grown to accept this fact in the pass months. I have also let my own morals come to terms with this cruel acceptance. I'm proud to say though that they have changed. But people should not judge other people on their morals. Just sometimes life throws things your way that can't be avoided and your adapt to them and accept them. Well things have happened in my life that can't be changed. And I'd never change them because they are some of the best changes that could of happened to me.

Beyond this new news, life hasn't really changed. I'm falling harder everyday for my boyfriend. His birthday is this week and I can't wait to celebrate it with him. He's such a good guy and I'm so happy with him. I've never been with a guy who makes me feel like I don't have to doubt what he says. He understands me and he doesn't take me for granted. He cares about me and actually listens when I talk and gives good feedback. He's an amazing boyfriend and I'm so glad I've met him. I guess you could say that sometimes it's nice meeting someone you connect with. It's also nice meeting someone you never expected to find in the most unlikely place.

I think I'm going to start a new anime show today. I'm so far behind on Fairy Tail. My friend is going to be so pissed off when I tell her I haven't watched any of the episodes. I barely have time to do anything with my job even thought it doesn't take of as much time as I say.
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