Tuesday, May 03, 2011

This Year's Book List!

Prophecy of the Sisters
By: Michelle Zink

Without the keys, something terrible will happen. 
Something that cannot be undone.
And with them, I might bring an end to the riddle 
of the Prophecy and my strange part in it,

If Alice and I are on conflicting sides of the Prophecy,
the Keys would be dangerous in her hands.

Which means I have to find them.
And I have to do it before my sister.

I heard about this book and I read the back or well the inside cover and I don't know I thought it sounded interesting. The two sisters at odds with each other over a Prophecy that have taken out sisters before them by turning them against each other. It kind of reminds me of my sister.  I guess I won't know if it's good until I start reading it. I'm excited. 

I can't wait to get started, I'm currently finishing up Heist Society, just started Raised by Wolves, and Fruits Basket Volume 15. So my list is ever growing and expanding, kind of like my personality or well my nail colors.

Love Britt