Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Year's Book List!

Hey Readers,

I was so relived when I walked into the Library for my volunteering. After I was completely done helping people out, I got help for my own needs. I had to renew three books that were due this week and I hadn't had a chance to read them yet. So now all my books are due back in May. Which gives me plenty of time. I just hope I can read them all or then I might end up making a list.

Also, I need to get my family to send me a package of my stuff. I need more of my things. I'm starting to forget what I had. It'd be nice if I could get some of my artwork but I know that would be hard to ship. I really want my birthday mug with all my pencils and things in it. I could use that here. Let's hope my parents send me some of my things. I would be so happy to see some new things. I need some change.

Love Britt