Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's Nano Dare!


Everyone should be really proud of me today, I actually got around to doing a Nano Dare. So now it's all ready to go and all I have to do is put it up. Well here goes nothing. I hope you like it.

Dare: Famous Celebrity - Character(s) act Unexpectedly.

Willow Crosswick was sitting at the computer studying Orlando Bloom's gorgeous face.

"He's so handsome." she sighed flipping to another picture off of the google search engine.

Will was a follower of Bloom, actually to be more precise, she was the President of the Local Fan Club which consisted of four other girls and one very nerdy boy. For some reason that never really seemed to fit with the rest of the swooning fan girls but somehow he frighteningly did.

"Oh, Orlando. I wish...I wish...I'd get the chance to meet you, speak to you, get to know the man behind that stunningly beautiful face." she hugged her arms around her body.

Willow understood that her fantasies were just a leap of faith but she couldn't bring herself not to want to believe those outspoken words.

Will turned her sparklingly blue eyes towards the computer screen and moved the curser over the print menu.

The copy machine poured to life, producing an exact replica of whatever was on the computers screen. Will snatched the piece of paper and pulled it to her chest as she walked to her closet. She threw open the closet doors to revel a shrine. She placed the picture around the dozens of counterparts and threw herself before the loosely decorated shrine.

"Bloom, please let fate bring us together. Let me be thrown perfectly into your life until death do us part." Will looked up at the perfect portrait with a wicked grin plastered across her face.

I've got it. She thought.

The grin grew wider around the creases of her smile and an all too clear evil glint came to be in her sea like eyes. She had a master plan and no one was going to stop her from getting what she wanted most.

Well that's all I've got for today. If I didn't have to worry about other things that take place tomorrow I might of put some more time into this. But it was fun as it lasted. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Love Britt