Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Book List!


So now I've limited my Book List to possibly five must read books in the coming weeks ahead. As most of you know, I've started  Linger and I am on page 109 of 360. So I have a ways to go yet but I'm really excited about it. Here are the other books on my list.

1. Heist Society
2. Raised by Wolves
3. Revolution
4. Eldest
5. Marley & Me

I am so excited that this is what I want to read most right now as of for April and May. I have until May 10th to read them all. I hope I can make it to the due date. Right now, I want to finish Linger and start Heist as soon as possible. I also have a ton of books from the Library on Miscellaneous things like Pomeranian's, Shiba Inu's, Bernese Mountain Dog's, Great Danes, Dog Training, Manga, and etc. It's a rather large list and I'll probably end up taking  most of the books back before I ever get a chance to read them like I always do. What can I say, I love books.

Love Britt


roxanne said...

I was just wondering, are you reading these books for fun and just giving yourself a due date to read them by or is it for school? just wondering thanks :P

Brittney Nicole Ludington said...

roxanne - reading them for fun. I hate reading books for school. I'm out of school. The books are due back at the library on May 10th and I want to try to read them before I have to take them back.