Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fitness on Sunday's!

My New Workout!

I've been getting kind of tired of the old workout I was doing so I made some new goals for myself. First, I want to start waking up earlier everyday. I'd like to get up around maybe 6 or 7 am. It all really depends. Second, I want to start jogging in the morning. I enjoy being outside so I should try getting out of my shell for once and doing something different. And lastly, I wanted to start a new workout with my new plan. So there are my goals that I plan to enforce tomorrow. 

Workout: The No-Excuses Workout

I copied this so you would all know what I would being doing for exercise. This workout will of course go on top of  my runs in the morning. 

Do 1 set of each exercise with barely any rest in between. Once the circuit is complete , do it two more times, giving yourself a 2 minute rest between each circuit.

#117 Step - Out Lunge
#118 Side - Step Squat

#119 Bridge In and Outs

#120 High-Knee Squats

#121 Reverse Push - Ups

#122 De - Stress
#123 Give It Five

You Know I thought this workout would be kind of fun and its a change which is what I am looking for so I'm looking forward to my new workout. I can't wait to start it tomorrow. 

Love Britt

Let me know if you would like a description or pictures to go with this workout so you can better understand what I am doing.