Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Book List!

Tuesday 03/15 - I'm trying to make up for lost time. Anyway here is last Tuesdays post. I hope you all enjoy.

My Favorite Series So Far!

The Sister's of Isis

Hey everyone, I'm so glad I've got some free time right now to catch up with my posts. I feel super behind. Anyway, my favorite series so far would have to be The Sisters of Isis series. The series consists of four books; The Summoning (Book 1), Divine One (Book 2), Enchantress ( Book 3), and The Haunting (Book 4). 

Personally  I love this series. I think the stories are amazing and how each book revolves around the three girls who are chosen as the Sisters of Isis. Each Sister of Isis can transform into an animal.  The girls are brought together by Abdel, a priest or protester of the Sisters of Isis. Sudi transforms into the Bennu Bird. Meri can transform into a cat and she can also understand them. Dalila at first transforms into the Ammut but she is really supposed to be a fire breathing cobra. I have always had a fascination with the myths and legends of Egypt. I think these books are a amazing read and really get into the aspects of Gods and Goddess of Egypt. If you're like me and love learning about that kind of thing then this book series is right for you. 

If I could be any character in the series, I would want to be Meri. Her back story is the most interesting in my opinion and I would totally want to be a cat. I love cats. I also think her life is the most interesting since she is the adopted daughter of the a Senator. She was found in Cairo, Egypt by her adopted mother.

So if your ever in the bookstore, you should totally pick up this book. I found this book series when I was going through the borders website and just knew I'd love it.

Happy Reading!
Love Britt