Monday, February 07, 2011

26 is for Vingt-Six!


So I don't really know what to put up for today's blog topic. I could talk about reading or drawing but I'm not really sure where to start so I'll start off small and progress as time goes on. Right now I am in crisis mood. Basically, I've been struggling for a while with "Where God wants me to be right now?" Is it here in Florida with my friends family or with my real family in Pennsylvania?

I'm having a very hard time deciding because I keep thinking of what both sides of the parties will think. What will people here think? What will people there think? Will I be able to get my life back on track? Will I be able to get a job, then my driver's license? Will I be able to get a car and pay for the insurance? Will I be able to do everything I originally had planned? I'm the type of person that kind of thinks of everything before she makes decisions. I really can't help it. I always feel like I have to weight my options before making the decision. I just know that I have to let God lead me to the right choice. Let him guide me.

So I'm going to be thinking about this sudden change for the next couple of days or maybe even  the next couple of weeks. I'm not sure how it will all turn out. I just know that I hope I make the right decision. I always hate making the wrong one.

Well that's all for today.

Love Britt


kewphoto said...

Just wondering... why would it matter what other people think if it's your life?