Saturday, January 08, 2011

V is for Vendetta


So today's Word of the Day is Vendetta. I'm feeling pretty lazy today. So if you want to know what vendetta's definition is then look it up yourselves. Today is Saturday after all so laziness is allowed in my book. If my memory holds right and it should since I am only nineteen years old. V for Vendetta is a movie and I think that movie was based off of a book or maybe it was a comic book. But I'm not sure how correct I am on that. I will have to look into it. All I really remember is seeing the movie at my cousins house. I thought the movie was kind of interesting.

So I made a breakthrough with The Light Chronicles. I didn't finish Chapter Six but I got a lot farther in my chapter. I am so excited about it. At first I wasn't really sure if this chapter fit in very well with the rest of my story but after doing some scanning of the previous chapters, I think it makes perfect sense. But anyway, my goal is to finish this chapter then to move on to the next. I want to make sure Will's bad ass personality is kept it tack because that is what really makes her different from the rest of the crowd. Her new best friend Casey seems to be the only person she is actually nice to without being a total jerk about it. Then there's Lucas who has his eye on her and she can't seem to help but notice him. Karen reminds me a bit of my own mother but shes not as bad but I used her as inspiration. Of course if she took any interest in my life then maybe she wouldn't be based off of a flirtatious woman who seems to act more like the teenager than Will herself does. Do remember though that the real person is nothing like the character in my book. I can't seem to forgive her for when I lived with her, she always seemed to be more interested in my little sister, the little superstar that she will be one day. Blah, Blah, get the picture. Yes I am jealous of my little sister.

So I have some good news. I have a job coming up in the near future. I will be grooming and bathing all the horses at the farm and the best part is that I'm getting paid to do it. I can't wait to help take care of them. Horses are amazing animals. Also, my friend has a couple of  horses and they told me I could come over anytime and take care of the horses and work with them. That means I'll be able to ride them. I can't wait. I might has also have an opportunity to start volunteering at the ARC. The ARC, also known as Animal Refuge Center, is kind of like an Humane Society but unlike some animal societies they don't put down the animals.  So I hope I'll be able to take advantage of that once a week.  With all these things going on, I hope I'll be able to find a job that can wrap around this schedule.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post today. I know it was kind of long but I'll try to make it shorter. It's funny how I tell you I will try to make it shorter and it never seems to happen. Hope you all have a great afternoon.

Love Britt

P.S. The Hello of Today is in German.