Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6 is for Six!


Today was an awesome day. Even if I wasn't successful in finding a job. I rode the bus up to the Library. I went in and they have these things that do all the work for you. You place your card under the scanner and it scans your card. Then you just sit each book on this little gray square and it automatically knows which book you placed there and to then remove it. Did you know that this is as advanced as it gets for Florida? I mean we don't even have self-checkout like we do in Pennsylvania. Okay, I heard if you go farther North towards Crystal River, apparently that they have self-checkout but not here. I think that's kind of sad. I thought our technology would be the same no matter where you go, I guess I was wrong.Oh by the way, I made it home by using the bus. It's easier than I thought.

So I have completed almost all five of today's applications. I made up this agreement goal with Sue that I would fill out five applications every day until I found a job. Plus, once I get dedicated to something, I really push for it. I know there are certain things I don't fully understand about getting a job or what it's like, because well I've never had a job so I can't really relate yet. Someday I'll be able to relate. I like being able to relate. I have some things I need to work on though. I mean like going up to a employer and speaking to them about a job. I still get really nervous about it, to be honest, I just don't feel comfortable doing it yet. When I went to do it today, I just kind of chickened out. I know that's really bad but it just didn't feel right.

I got some new manga books. Yay, bring on the Ranma 1/2 and Fruits Basket.

Well that's all for me today. Have a good night.

Love Britt

P.S. The Hello of  Today, is in Japanese. This is a shout out to my best friend, Amanda, who just so happens to love everything Japanese.