Monday, January 17, 2011

5 is for Cinq!


Well, today was a pretty good day if I do say so myself. I completed all my chores and now I am doing online job applications for different stores. I have also been checking each stores address on Trip Planner and Google Maps. Trip Planner allows me to see which stores I can get to by bus. No matter how many transfers I may have to go through. I'm not looking forward to doing my first transfer. But I won't be comfortable with it until I do it. I say once I've done five or six bus rides on the bus then I'll be ready to do my first transfer. I think.

 Did you know that most store applications are online now? I've only come across two that aren't. So far I have done three job applications. My goal is to complete four to five a day and I am frantically scrambling to get them all completed before 12 pm tonight. To help me keep track of where I have applied online, I've made a excel document which allows to to put in the information I need to help me remember. This right now consists of how I applied, what date I applied, and when I should do a follow up with the said employer. I just hope I can get a job soon. It really sucks not having a job. Did I mention that I'm doing a budget this week for my expenses to figure out how much I will need to have available to spend? Yup, just something else I need to stress about.

Speaking of stress, I need to go and plan out the game plan for tomorrows bus trip up to the library and back. I still don't know how to get the bus to stop which I must say is kind of sad. But I'll ask the bust driver before I get off. If I have to I'll sit closer to them so I can make sure I can ask all the questions I  need. I'm also going to grab flyers for the other bus routes that I know I might have to use in the future.

Well that's all for today. Have a good night everyone.

Love Britt

P.S. Today's Hello of the Day is in Albanian.