Wednesday, December 22, 2010

M is for Mine


Right now, I am sitting in my room listening to Taylor Swift. I love her new album Speak Now, or at least what I've heard of it so far. I  have a lot respect for Taylor Swift because she is originally from Pennsylvania. It's normally a huge deal when someone from your state becomes something great. What's really great about her is that she hasn't let fame get to her head. She actually seems like a down to earth good person and not just some fake. She fought for her dreams and now she's successful. Everything she dreamed of has come true for her because she went for it. I love what she writes about because it is really easy to relate to even if it hasn't happened to me yet. I love Taylor Swift and her music.

Okay. I am a clean freak. I like to keep things clean and organized. I like to have stuff somewhere that makes sense in my eyes. I have a lot to do and yet I feel like I don't have time to do it at all. I just don't really feel like I have any time to myself anymore. Sometimes I feel like I'm not me anymore. I want my journal. I miss writing in it when I get mad or angry or upset. It helped me calm down. Blasting my favorite songs helped a lot to. When I use to get in these huge fights with my parents, I would slam my door, stomp around, turn on my favorite music on my mp3 player, and write how I felt in my journal or use it as motivation for my story. Right now, I want my to write down everything I am feeling. Anxiety, Anger, Confused, Forgotten, Lost, Madness, Sadness...the list could keep on growing and some of my feelings that I am having right now, I can't even describe.

I don't even have time to work on my book. How sad is that?

Lets put everything this year has brought me in the next post. If I felt like typing it right now, I would. But I won't be doing that today.

Happy Holidays
Love Britt