Sunday, December 19, 2010

J is for Jinkies


Well, I guess I don't really know why I used that Velma reference.I just couldn't resist, I'm a sucker for Scooby Doo. I couldn't really think of anything else that would start with a J other than Jam or Jurassic.

Any who there's not much else really going on today. I'm kind of tired. Think I need to go to bed earlier from now on and start getting up earlier like I used to. I actually miss getting up early.

I want to practice drawing. I want to try my hand at anime. I think I could be good at it if I really tried to be. I suck at human figures though so I don't expect much will change. I just hope I get in the mood to draw more often. I would enjoy that. I love art.

Well, I guess it's time for me to stop rambling on about nothing.

Love Britt