Saturday, December 18, 2010

I is for Insane


I'm going to go insane.

Last Wednesday, I went in to take my GED Test. The instructors told us that we had to turn our phones off and place them on the shelf and collect them afterward. They also told us that if they found out that we had our phones on us while we were taking the test, then the test we took would not count and we wold have to take them again. I was not pleased at all to find this out. I mean we are in a room full of people who we don't know and probably can't trust. Well I followed all the rules and for following said rules, my cell phone gets stolen.What is this world coming to? What kind of person...well then again if you think about it. The only person I have to blame is myself. I should of just accepted the risk and kept my phone on me at all possible intervals. Then it wouldn't have been stolen.

Oh, Christmas is a week away and I'm so not ready. I have almost everyone's gifts. I'm just waiting for one to come in the mail and I have to go shopping for the other. Then I will be done shopping for Christmas and I will be able to relax.

I've decided that I will not post anymore Chapters on I just don't feel like putting anymore up if no one will read them. So I hope everyone can accept that.

That's all fro now.
Britt <3