Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Okay Class, today we are going to talk about our feelings!" said the teacher

Bonjour Mes Amies,

            Lets talk about our feelings. Okay...maybe not. I really hate expressing my feelings to people. It just isn't me. Oh, I am having a Pocky Craving. Yum. It is so good. It's a Japanese treat that is mainly a biscuit stick covered with chocolate and they also have Strawberry flavored. It's awesome. POCKY!!!

           Today we hung out with our friend Grant. It was a lot of fun. We hung out at his Dad's place and then we came back to our house and played the Wii. I watched Amanda murder him. It was very funny. I usually don't like one on one combat games. So his driving isn't as scary as I first thought...he was very gentle with us.

           So anyway, I have finished the Third Chapter of my book The Light Chronicles. I was actually adjusting some things on my new Chapter. I read through the first two chapters of the book to see how they looked and how well they fit together. I am very pleased with the results so far.  I have to have my bestie do a quick read through it and edit it for me. She is very good at it and I am so blessed to have her help me on my projects.

         I got the stuff from my Doctor and I am very pleased. I mean I get to get my SSN Card at the Social Security Administration Office and come face to face with the pompous guy who was a total jerk. Yay, lets face that jerk and make him cry.

Well that's all for now.

love britt