Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm going to be late. I'm late..I'm late...for a very important date.

Hello  and Welcome,

          It has truly been a while since I last posted anything of worth. Sadly I don't have any "New" news but I just wanted to keep y'all updated on my book, The Light Chronicles.

         So, as I was saying, I am here to update you on TLC. Right now, I am currently working on Chapter Five. I have completed four Chapters altogether so far and I can't wait to finish the fifth one. I'm so proud of this book. So progress is just where I want it right now. I plan on having at least two Chapters done by the end of next week. Who knows maybe they will be up on Inkpop by the following Sunday. Which reminds me, TLC, already has a comment on I was so surprised and delighted that someone left me a comment. If you haven't already...then please check out my new book.

I was reading my last post that I did about a week ago and I've noticed that I sound like a little kid when I post on my blog. This bugs me. I don't want my readers to think I am twelve, when I'm really eighteen. I am sorry for all the confusion I may have caused anyone.

I will try to prevent this mistake to the best of my abilities.

Well that's all for now

love britt