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The Christmas Kitten...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So this December has been so busy for me. I have been neglecting all my responsibilities.  I've been super busy getting my next bullet journal ready for the new year that is fast approaching. I have been busy wrapping the Christmas gifts as they arrive in the mail. There just isn't enough time in the month for all the things that need to happen within a select amount of days. 

Anyway, that is not what this post is about. We went to get our Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm that we used to live by near our old house in the middle of nowhere. After we picked out our tree. We had it cut down to the size we wanted and tied to the jeep. We all decided to stop by this abandoned barn in the woods to see the stray cats that live there, My family and I think that someone must come along every once in a while to feed the stray cats. Because every time we come by, the cats will come out and come running towards us when they hear the car coming, So we drive up and we have my sisters best friend Rebecca with us. She sees them,and gets out to pet the ones that will come up to us. There are like two or three kittens who are super friendly that come up right away for pets. So she is loving this one particular kitten and has to put it down because we decide it is time to head home. It had stated snowing while getting our tree so we wanted to get home before the roads started to get covered. This kitten sees Becca get into the car and decides that it is going to jump into the jeep. So the kitten jumps in, we all look at it. Becca looks at us and asks if we can keep it. At first my dad says no. Then he says its up to me. Becca looks at me and I tell her if you take care of its vet bills. She says okay and we bring home the kitten. 

So that is the story of how we got our Christmas Kitten, we named her Holly since it was during the holiday season when we got it. We all adore the little kitten. 


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