Friday, November 18, 2016

Vacation Time...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So I'm finally using some of my vacation time from work. I haven't used any up to now. And the real kicker is that I have to use all of it by December 31st. So there is that whole situation. But its really awesome that I waited as long as I did to use my vacation time. I have two days off this week. Then I took some Saturdays off and some Tuesdays as well. I'm really excited because I work a four day shift and some weeks I will only work two days. It will give me a ton of free time to decorate the house and make some really awesome DIY Christmas decorations. I'm super excited. I don't have much time as it is with Violet constantly wanting my attention. I love that little girl but sometimes that little one drives me insane, I can't wait until she gets older and we can do all the mommy daughter projects I want to do with her. Thats all I have for today.