Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Writing on Wednesday - Black Amethyst...!!!

Hey Y'all, 

So here is this month's Writing on Wednesday. 

We are the Others. The people who don't exist outside of nonfiction. Our world is a lie to the humans. We as Others never tell who we are, it would be bad for them to know the truth. The truth tat Fiction is real. That we exist. But humans escape the truth. They don't believe what the mind won't let them/ But we know the dark deadly truth. 

The Black Amethyst is said to by my people to be powerful. Its are symbol and in a way it speaks to us. It is said to belong to the other world. A place that only exists if you know where to look. It's a secret place, a dark beautiful place where my kind are free to roam. Of course the others walk among humans. We look human but are molecules aren't the same inside as they are outside. 

Every time we hear the word monster. We think of something from fiction. But what if fiction really existed. What if they were real and we didn't know it. We couldn't accept it. But some of us did know. 

Have you ever smelled the Black Amethyst flower? Well I haven't but that's because I'm not one of them. Who are they? Well they are the things most humans don't believe in. The creatures from the other world. It's what my people call it. 

A indescribable place. A place full of mystery and magic. A place where Vampires, witches, and werewolves exist. People of another mark but still people. I'm not one of them but I have known about them ever since I was little. I knew about them when my parents split up. 

I live with my mother and my little brother and sister. My father lives across the county and I hate him for it. I hate him for what he has done to my family. It has changed forever since the split two years ago. I'm Gwen. Gwen Lunar Black to be exist or if anyone is asking. My mother loved the night and name me after it. That is how I was given my middle name. 

Its so hard for me to sit and type something that needs to be rewritten. I wanted to write it exactly as I first ever wrote it. It was just an idea.