Friday, March 18, 2016

Loss Prevention and Rewarding Experience of Gaming...!!!

Hey Y'all,

Last year, I went to turn on my PlayStation 3 and it wouldn't load past the menu screen. None of the icons or applications would show up on the screen. The only thing that did was my theme for the background. We tried turning the system off, waiting a few minutes, and turning it back on. That didn't work. We tried unplugging the cords, blowing them to remove any dust that may have built up, and plugged them back in. That didn't work either. Once all else had failed, we sought out google for advice. 

We found a website that said we had to put my PlayStation 3 in safe mode. We did as it directed us to do. The first time we tried, I must of done it wrong because it didn't work. Then we tried again. This time it worked. We had successfully activated the safe mode on my system. Then we had to decide what step to take next. There were a few options on the screen. We choose to reset my PlayStation 3 completely. The machine warned us that if we did this, all my gaming data would be lost. I looked at the other options again and decided this was the best possible way to hopefully fix my system. 

The PlayStation 3 proceeded to complete the process. I had to reset all my previous settings while coming to terms with the fact that any games I had played would need to be replayed. So that is what I have been doing with some of my spare time. The first game I decided to play was Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. This is one of my favorite games and its fun to experience it again like it was the first time.

The most frustrating thing for me is playing the game and getting stuck at a part that I know I was able to conquer in the past. It's really annoying to me that I can't seem to get past this one part in the game, in the chapter called The Fortress. But I know that once I do get past this part, it will be a bittersweet moment for me. I just hope I'm not stuck in this never ending limbo for to long.

I can't wait to play some of my other games over again. It will be fun. There are a few I'm not looking forward to playing again. But most of them were good gaming experiences for me. I hope they are that way for me the second time around.