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It's been three months, already?...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So as I said before I am trying to take the time to write for my blog. I want to keep doing it because it is something I have come to enjoy over the past few years. My blog is like a diary. It's like a safe place for my words to be written and seen by others to view. I like this aspect very much. I like sharing my personal struggles with others. I like to think that it helps others know that they are not alone in life. That everywhere someone is struggling with something. It may not be the same thing but it is a struggle non the less. 

Today, I come to share something or rather I should say someone that has become a part of my everyday life. This person is very important to me and they always have been. I'm not sure how long we have known each other. If I were to guess, I would say its been possibly four to five years of friendship. I like to think that our growth in friendship is what allows for what happened afterwords to be possible. As many of you know, my ex, a man I wish to not name because he is not worth mentioning by that fashion hurt me in more ways than one. He may not have physically hurt me but his words were like a punch to the gut. A loss of air to my lungs and a inability to speak or process what he was telling me that dreadful night he returned home. He came to tell me that he was ending our relationship of almost three years and that apparently I was nothing more than a past time for him. I will never understand fully what happened with us. I will never understand his reasoning or his defenses.

But those things no longer matter to me because I know have you. The person I am speaking of is known as Andrew. He has become my life these last three wonderful months that we have been dating. He is outright one of the best men to have ever walked into my life, I am without a doubt very lucky to have him now after some hardships before that made a relationship too difficult for me to handle. He was there for me when it felt like no one else was. He knew me better than anyone else. He knows how to make me smile and laugh uncontrollably. We fit well together, like a glove may fit over a hand in the winter. He was there when no one else could see how much I was hurting on the inside. He also could tell when I was lying and trying to pretend like I was not. He saw through me and all my defenses and I love him for it. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be able to be the girl I knew. Andrew helped me find myself again after the breakup. He helped me become whole again. He listened to me cry over someone that was not worth it. He listened to me when I was being hateful towards all  men because I believed that not a single one was good. It took me awhile to see what I had right in front of me, I had a man willing to do anything to make me happy. I had a man willing to do anything to make me smile. He's always there and when he can't be, he tries to make it up to me. I'm so happy you found me Andrew. You'll never know how lucky I am that we are together now. I can hardly believe it's been three months, already. It feels so much longer than that. I hope that time does us some good. We both deserve it. I'll always be there for you and be supportive of your decisions. I won't let you give up on your dreams when you feel weak. I will be your light in your darkest moments and I hope you will be mine. I hope we get to go places someday and do things other dream of. I hope so  much for us. I know we are meant to do amazing things. I also hope that someday I will tell you I love you. I hope to someday be the woman you wish to spend the rest of your days with. I hope I get to walk down the aisle and stand beside you as we recite the vows of love. I hope you know how much you mean to me baby because I know I don't always express it. I hope you know that you make my life brighter everyday. Happy Three Months baby. I couldn't be happier. 


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