Friday, February 27, 2015

The Heart Wants What it Wants...!!!

Hey Y'all,

It's been awhile since I last did a blog post. I want to do better this year with those but life can really get in the way sometimes.I'm gonna try to start posting at least once a week. If I'm lucky I hope to start blogging more than that but I'm gonna be pretty busy this year. What with two jobs and possibly some schooling this year.

On a happier note, I am five books in to my goal of reading twenty-five books in 2015. I'm really proud of myself because I have been finding time to read. I think I let go of learning a new language this year. I was trying but life seems to like to slap me in the face a lot and take me down a peg or two. I guess life is funny that way. It tears you down to see what you can handle and then lets you pick back up the pieces.

In other news, I was with the new guy and I broke up with him twice because I'm very indecisive and a little scared of new beginnings and such that I ran away twice. It also had to do with my ex acting like he wanted us again but never fully saying it himself. I decided the second time that if he wont say it to me then there's no point in trying. If  the new guy ever gives me another chance which I know I do not deserve at all. I would try harder this time and not let my fears chase me away.

 I guess a lot has happened these last few months. I dyed some of the underneath parts of my hair red. It's faded now but I enjoyed it while it lasted. I'm thinking of doing it again before I go down to South Carolina with my little sister. Our trip is two weeks away and I'm excited and nervous. I've never driven that far so I'm a little worried. I also bought a baby cornsnake. I named it Holo after the character from Spice and Wolf, one of my favorite animes. I think that's all that's happened that's really worth mentioning.
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