Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday's...!!!

Hey Y'all,

Sorry I missed last weeks Top Ten Tuesday. I didn't have much time to blog that whole week. I was way too busy. So for this week, I think I'm gonna do something about animals. I was thinking maybe my Top Ten Favorite Animals.

Here we go...

1.Horses - I love all horses in general. My favorite breed would have to be the Arabian. They are just so beautiful and they really take your breath away.

2. Dogs - I love how people oriented dogs are. I love that they always want to be with you. I love they love you unconditionally.

3. Cats- I love cats, some more than others. My cat loves to rub her hand against your hand if she can. She loves attention and loves to spend time with me. I love how independent she can be sometimes. I love when cats play with their toys. 

4. Leopard Geckos - I love these geckos. I think it probably has to do with owning one. But I love when he smiles. Its fantastic. A little gecko with a big personality.

5. Holland Lops - This is my favorite breed of bunny. They are the smallest breed of lop and the cutest ever. I have owned at least one and have enjoyed every single moment of it.

6. Wolf -  What is there not to say about these animals. I love them. I love the way they look and the way their life runs. I know that when they hunt, they hunt to survive.

7. Lion - The lion is the king of the savannah. I am a huge The Lion Kin fan. So I though this seemed fitting. I love that the lioness are the ones that hunt for the pack. I think that makes the lion a strong animal.

8. Killer Whale - I love killer whales. I don't really have a good reason. I just think they are really cool.

9. Sea Turtle - I love Sea Turtles. They go through such great lengths every year to lay their eggs. I think that is admirable.

10. Pandas - Panda's are so cute. I may only get to see them at the zoo but I just love the level of cuteness this animal produces.
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