Saturday, October 11, 2014

Birthday's all Around...!!!

Hey Y'all,
Little Sister and Her Boyfriend
This is a shout out to my little sister who just turned seventeen last Sunday. So now I officially feel old. My little sister and I are six years apart. That makes me twenty-four years old. I am so freaking old. I mean my parents are older but I practically helped raise my little sister when my parents were working. I think that's mainly the reason we never got along until I moved away from her for a whole year. We both needed that space. She got to grow up and become her own person. I got to be me without having her trying to be me. It was a good experience I think for the both of us.

Cooling Red Velvet Cupcakes
I made my little sister Red Velvet Cupcakes with vanilla butter cream icing. My sister loves Red Velvet Cupcakes. Its her absolute favorite. Along with making the amazing cupcakes, I also surprised her by taking her best friend up to see her. She was so happy to see her. I was happy to take her up, it was a nice forty-five minute car ride. I actually like my little sisters friend. She's pretty cool and fun to talk to.

Becca, little sisters, best friend
My boyfriend's little brother's birthday was on Tuesday. I forget how old he is now. I made him Red Velvet Cupcakes with vanilla butter cream icing as well. I put shaved coconut on his because he loves it. I also promised I would make it for him.
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