Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Writing on Wednesday's - Ginger Kitty...!!!

Hay Y'all,

So in the end your trying to write something that's creative. You long to have the same powerful wit that most of your favorite writer's seem to have themselves. The question is, how do you get it? Well the obvious answer is of course, practice. This week, or I should say last week, I played with the idea of a new creative writing exercise. I didn't get very far but I liked the idea behind it. So I went with it. This is what I got.

Creative Writing - Written Sept 18th, 2014

Ginger stretched out her paws and yawned. Her cat eyes looked around the still, silent room. She meowed and jumped off the bed. 

So this creative idea comes from my own cat, Ginger. Ginger is a peculiar cat and I want to continue further with this creative idea. I'm sorry this post doesn't have more. It's not something I can always find time for. I really wish I could though. I'll try better. I will.
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