Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Writing on Wednesday's - Wild Star...!!!

Hello Readers,

So I've decided that I think I want to bring back Writing on Wednesday's. I'm not really sure how that will go. I'll have to review and look at some of my older posts. I don't really remember what I did for theses posts. I am going to give a heads up that this type of post might be more centered around the ideas I jot down before bed.I believe that I use to talk about tips for writing. If I get any, I will share them for this post. But until then, maybe I'll talk about some of the advice I've gotten from people in the past. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. I'm sure we all do. Any who, let's start this post off the way it was meant to be started.

Creative Ideas - Written August 23, 2014

Wild Star looked up at the full moon that hung low in the sky. The urge to lift up his muzzle and sing to it was an overpowering feeling. He tipped back his head and a low cry that carried across the valley.

It was a sad, lonely song. 

Wild Star was the lone wolf. The one that didn't belong to a pack. He was as low or maybe even lower than the dirt that lay beneath his paws. He bent his head low and let out a whimper. 

"My life is one I wish I did not own." he thought. 

Wild Star turned and licked the fur near his stomach. It shone as dark as the night itself. He knew that the worst part of being the lone wold was that he was always gonna be that, alone, afraid, and starving to survive. 

This life was not easy. Wild Star knew that if he tried to get back to his pack, they would kill him. 

So I hope you all enjoyed this little creative writing exercise I did. Sometimes the inspiration just sort of hits me. 
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