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Top Ten Tuesday's...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I'm trying to decide if I should make this a thing on my blog. Sorry its kind of coming to you all a day late. I wasn't sure what my top ten would be this week. I think I have a good one though. I hope you all enjoy this one.

I thought long and hard about my Top Ten Tuesday list and everyone seems to be doing something with books. I thought it would be fun to do one for something different. So I'm going to do one for Top Ten Tuesday's Favorite Disney Characters. I am a huge Disney fan and this one really relates to my personal interest more than anything else.

So here we go...

1. Tinkerbell - Tink has been one of my favorite Disney characters forever now. I have watched every single Tinkerbell movie they've made. My car has Tinkerbell seat covers and a wheel cover. I also have two Tinkerbell key ring and a Tinkerbell house key. There's just something about being a fairy that really fascinates me and my inner child.

2. Simba - I love The Lion King. It's one of my favorite Disney movies. I mean come on talking animals, what's not to love, right? I just love big cats and this movie was awesome. I just can't express how much I loved it.

3. Winnie the Pooh - Pooh is nostalgic for me. Whenever I'm not feeling good or can't sleep, I slip in a Winnie the Pooh movie and hide under the covers. I find safety in this childhood memory. I love Pooh. He's a silly old bear. Pooh makes me laugh and smile and remind me back to simpler times.

4. Tigger - Tigger, oh where to begin? Trigger is another favorite of mine. He's just great. I love that he takes pride in being the only one. I feel he can speak to us all in that way. We are all individuals and we aren't the same. He's the crazy jumperfic times I need to make me laugh and sing along to his item song.

5. Howl - Howl's Moving Castle is a huge love of mine. And these types of characters might make a huge impact on this list. I love anything Studio Ghibili. The movies are amazing, the characters are amazing, and the art is just breathtaking.

6.Kiki - Kiki's Delivery Service is another childhood favorite that has stuck with me through adulthood. I just can't get enough. I've always dreamed of being a witch and I guess this is as close as I can get. Plus, she has a talking cat, Gigi.

7. Spirited Away - so this one is more a movie, so sue me. I just can't pick one character from this movie that I love more than the others. I adore them all and they all add their own unique thing to this movie.

8. Ariel - what little girl doesn't want to be a mermaid and dream of marrying a prince. Nuf said.

9. Binx - the black talking cat from Hocus Pocus. This is another nostalgic Halloween movie I love so very much. I think I have some weird fascination with witches and Salem and black cats.

10. Rapunzel - Tangled was one of the best movies ever created. I love this take on Rapunzel. It was very interesting and I love her frying pan.

That's my list. What's yours?

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