Monday, September 15, 2014

The Man in The Blue Suede Suit...!!!

Hello Readers,

It's starting to get cold outside, a sure way of knowing that Fall is coming to Earth. I dislike being cold when I'm sick. I have been sitting here typing away on my new blog. I have been wondering what made me want to start another blog when I can barely keep up with this one. I decided that the answer to this is very simple indeed. I wanted to have somewhere where I could talk about my favorite food recipes and share my love of cooking and baking with others like me. I might even from time to time post posts from my food blog on my writing blog if its about something relevant. I would especially do this if a cake was involved. I love making birthday cakes, one of my favorite pastimes along with reading, drawing, gardening, and writing. I guess I'm just old fashioned. I like to create with my hands because its the most powerful thing that someone can do.

Here's something I've been working on. It might not seem like much but it's not a complete idea. Its more of a whim I had and went with it. So here it goes.


The man in the blue suede suit stared at the girl. "I understand you have an item for me." he said.

The girl stared back, studying the man. She slowly nodded and pulled a package out of her black backpack. The girl held it out to the man and he stared at it, hungry with greed. The girl smiled and let the man in the blue suede suit take the package from her. ''
She stared at him. Waiting. Watching.

As the old man turned around to examine the package, that was when she made her move.She pointed her gun at his head, fired one bullet. It hit its target with precision and accuracy. She smiled down at the dying man and took the package. She buried it in her bag and mounted her motorcycle.She sped out of the parking structure, never looking back. She smiled.

No one takes without asking, at least of all if we do not save it.

She smiled. Her phone began to ring and she answered.

"Riba," she the voice, " We have a problem."

So this was the something that came to me in the middle of the night. I'm not sure if I like it. I like the idea of having some bad ass female character. I hope you all like it. Let know what you all think.