Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Forbidden Ties and New Directions...!!!

Hello Readers,

So I've decided to take Forbidden Ties, a book I have been writing since October of 2009, in a new direction. I wanted to give you all a taste of my first page. It's the only one I have written so far. I think I am a little scared to try and start all over since I've been working so hard on it for so long. But maybe, just maybe the new direction will be a good one.

Forbidden Ties Prologue Revision - Thinking of making this the First Page of the First Chapter

Morgan's hair whipped in the cold November wind. She stared out across the meadows. The lush grass swayed, inviting her to walk out to the old oak tree that stood in the middle. Morgan moved swiftly through the grass, letting the tips of tickle her palms as she went. The old oak's tree's leaves rustled in the wind, pulling her forward.

"Hello, old friend." she said putting her hand along the trunk of the tree.

The old oak groaned in response. She sat at the base of the tree and closed her eyes. The sun warmed her skin. This was what she missed the most. The sun, the meadow, the old oak tree, all the things she remembered, but things she couldn't be a part of anymore.

Morgan sighed.

This was the last place she had thought of before she'd lost consciousness. This place made her feel safe. Maybe that is why she had put all her concentration into it. Morgan closed her eyes once more and a scream engulfed the meadow. Her eyes flew open and she shakily looked around.

Then she realized that the scream was her own. The horror shock her awake and she looked up in time for the rusty pipe to take her life. She died that day and was reborn as a walker of the spirit realm. Tucked away between the day and the night. Invisible to all those she pass on the street, or a least that was what she had thought.

So I all hope you like this new idea for my book, Forbidden Ties. I look forward to hearing from all of you.