Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inspiration has Finally Come to Me...!!!

Hello Readers,

So inspiration has finally struck me like lighting strikes the earth. Finally, right. I mean I thought I'd never progress with Chapter Seven of my book, The Light Chronicles. For awhile I really thought I wouldn't make any progress. I would have to set my book aside for some time. But it appears that inspiration will come, just unexpectedly. It came to me while I was at work, of all places work. Can you believe it? I sure as heck can't.

The best part is that I made progress on the First Chapter of The Destroyer as well. Which you can read more about in my books and manuscripts tabs on my blog. I just thought you know, maybe its not time to write this right now. I thought I needed more life experiences because sometimes you need to know in order to write. Does that sound weird? Probably a little, but my life experiences sometimes help me write better stories I think. I also think it helps make my characters easier to relate with. 

I hope to share these theses two chapters with you soon. I think I might create a writing playlist of songs that help me to stay focused on my writing. Hope the writing comes easy for you all as well.
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